Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding is the art of preparing specific and unique medications by prescription that are not available commercially for individual patients. It offers an invaluable route for the doctor to specifically treat his patient after all routes have been exhausted.

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Compounding can include:


  • Finding solutions to problems  where it may seem that nothing else is available. Experienced compounders can in consultation with your physician solve problems to which there may seem to be no solution.
  • Developing a smaller dose of a medicine which is available for adults but needed for a newborn
  • Making a capsule/medication for patients with allergies to an additive or dye in a tablet, without the colouring or additive
  • Preparing a specialized topical pain gel by combining several different medications
  • Sourcing or making discontinued or unavailable medications

Compounding results are usually monitored through a collaborated approach with You, The doctor, and the Pharmacist to ensure optimal results are accomplished for a healthier you.

Online Prescription Refills

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Health Services

MedsCheck Consultation

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A Cornwall Pharmacist will schedule a private interview with you to review all the medication you take. The MedsCheck review provides an opportunity for you to meet one-on-one with the pharmacist to identify and resolve any medication-related issues and get the most benefit from your medication. Your consultation will review all prescription, non-prescription drugs and natural health products, to help you better understand drug names, strengths, usage instructions, and adverse effects. Following your consultation, our Cornwall Pharmacist will provide you with a MedsCheck Personal Medication Record to be shared with your primary care provider. Our pharmacists are here to answer any questions you have to help you get the most out of you medication safely and with peace of mind.

Home Deliveries

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Providing you quick and easy access to the medications you need is our priority. Cornwall Pharmacy is pleased to offer you a complimentary home delivery service. Please call or visit us today to learn more about this service.

Vaccination Services

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Cornwall Pharmacy is pleased to offer you a thorough vaccination program through our Certified Injection Pharmacists. Receiving the vaccinations you and your family need is, quick, safe and convenient.

Cornwall Pharmacy offers the following vaccination services to all patients:

  • Flu shots: A flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu. Flu season lasts from approximately October to May,
  • Recommended immunizations: Depending on your age and medical history, you may also be recommended additional immunizations, like those for shingles, HPV, and pneumonia.
  • Travel vaccines: Vaccines are required if you’re traveling to certain places around the world. These vaccines help to prevent common illnesses, like cholera, hepatitis A and B, malaria, and traveller’s diarrhea.
Complimentary Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Checking your blood pressure is a quick and painless procedure. Drop in at Cornwall Pharmacy and have our pharmacists check your blood pressure. This is a great opportunity to chat with a pharmacist to learn more about what your numbers mean and healthy habits that can help regulate your blood pressure.

Prescription Refills

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Prescription renewals are fast and easy at Cornwall Pharmacy.

Bring in an updated prescription, or have your physician call or fax in an update for quick and easy pick up.

If you are already a patient of Cornwall Pharmacy and require a prescription renewal, you can use this quick and easy online form to request a re-fill.

You will receive a call from our Pharmacist to confirm your refill and schedule a time for your pick up or home delivery. If done during business hours and you do not receive a call after 50 minutes, please call us at:   (905) 849-0101

Drug Disposal

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Cornwall Pharmacy offers environmentally safe disposal of your old sharps and expired or unused medication. Drugs that have been prescribed to treat a medical condition, or ones that are sold over-the-counter, may not be safe for everyone. Safe disposal of unused and expired drugs ensures the safety of your family.

About Cornwall

Cornwall Pharmacy is a family owned and operated business. Our goal is to provide easy, affordable access to medications and advice for the community we service. Our goal is to make your treatment simple, effective and easy to manage so that you can be healthier. Our highly dedicated Pharmacy team provides individualized patient care with an emphasis on making sure you get the best results from your prescription medications.

At Cornwall Pharmacy we believe that patient counselling isn’t just for the first time you pick up your medication. We can help you manage multiple or chronic conditions and reduce the risk of interactions with other over the counter and natural health products. These detailed reviews help us recommend on going changes for the best possible outcomes.

Cornwall Pharmacy is here to serve you!

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